Professional Home Staging Services

Whether you are selling a home, and want it to look its best or looking to stage a model home, the right efforts will ensure it sells quickly and for your top asking price.

Creative Interior’s goal is to make each home we stage an inviting and welcoming space that buyers can imagine themselves coming home to. We also choose furnishings and artwork that will appeal to the greatest range of potential buyers–a minimalist approach with neutrals, and slight pops of color where needed.

Finally, we select the finishing pieces to compliment your space and show off its best features.  The final result are rooms that are warm and spacious.


The first gallery shows a mountain home in the first steps of staging.

Staging allows prospective buyers to imagine how furniture can turn this dramatic space into a warm and welcoming home.

After the furniture is placed, the custom 9’ dining table will arrive. Bedrooms will be finished with bedding, and to finish, more artwork will be placed and hung.

The gallery below shows a model home in Asheville NC that we staged. 

After the staging, this model home sold in 8 days.

After Living Room