Broken Crayons Still Have Color

Spring is on its way, and it’s always a great time for reflection and renewal.  Here in Asheville NC, especially, it is a time when all things are just exploding in colorful blooms.  It’s a perfect time for renewing your home’s interior colors as well.

Recently I ran across some broken crayons as I was spring cleaning. Even though many were chipped, and the paper was peeling back, I realized they were still useful.  I thought “broken crayons still have color.”

One of my interior design clients recently asked me how she could put some color in her home.  She mentioned the walls were a soft tan and how she would like an accent of color in some areas. As I looked at the crayons, inspired, I pulled my interior design paint charts out and went to work.

Later we sat at her kitchen table, influenced by the crayons, holding up different colors.. There were several fun and unexpected options we agreed would compliment  her tan walls. The open floor plan inspired a Mocha wash on the accent walls. Then we added a nice light splash of Aqua in the Master bath.

In the end, our home owners were very pleased with the results of the playful exercise and their home’s new facelift.  Don’t be afraid to have fun, think out of the box and use unexpected inspirations.

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