Asheville Interior Designer Carol B. Hensley has 26 Years Design Experience

Carol personifies southern charm as she infuses a variety of global influences into her interior design projects. She creates new, yet timeless, styles.

Carol believes in creating a partnership with her clients, by listening and engaging, to create the perfect space.

During the consultation, while there may be some laughter over what isn’t currently working in your space, she really hears when her clients say “that over there, that already works nicely for us”.

She wants you to have a beautiful interior, but she also wants you to revel in both your new space’s comfort as well as its function.

At Creative Interiors you will also find a great team of people who have the knowledge and expertise to help pull together any residential or commercial interior design project. Our role is to translate your taste, and lifestyle, into your layout’s highest potential.  Every interior is as unique as the client for whom it is designed.

Contact the team at Creative Interiors to help you design your personal or business space.